Learn To Love Baseball Episode 2

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Learn To Love Baseball Episode 2 – “What Is a Baseball?”

  • MLB official rules, just a good link to have when you have questions you want a specific answer to!
  • Scientific American’s “Inside Baseball: What Gives a Baseball Its Bounce” and Smithsonian’s “A Brief History of The Baseball” gave me much of what went into this episode
  • A couple of random images of people throwing balls at each other in Kickball and Wallball, in case you’d never seen this in action: 
  • Here is some explanation of “coefficient of restitution”, in case you wanted to dive deeper into that science. Ironically, they used a basketball as an example!
  • Here’s A.G. Spalding in all of his 19th century glory. The Spalding website has a nifty little history, which is where I grabbed the picture from.

  • Here’s that article from LiveStrong about how Rawlings now makes baseballs with hand-stitching
  • Here’s the full text of Marc Santora’s beautiful New York Times “Wiffleball” article

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