Learn To Love Baseball Episode #5

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Episode 5 of Learn To Love Baseball, “The Catcher”, with your host Daniel Student

  • For exact count of Yogi Berra quotes, please go to the bottom of the page…
  • I wasn’t lying about catchers and looks… 
  • Link to that fun Hardball Times article about all the wonderful catcher nicknames!
  • Marty Noble’s article about catchers making great MLB managers from 2012
  • So, these are the hands of Doug Allison, a bare-handed catcher from the 19th century…  Yikes, right?!
  • And last but certainly not least… my mother and SPECIAL GUEST Dr. Sharon Krag

  • Yogi Berra quote total: I counted 12. But tell me if I’m wrong.

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