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Learn To Love Baseball Episode #5

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Episode 5 of Learn To Love Baseball, “The Catcher”, with your host Daniel Student

  • For exact count of Yogi Berra quotes, please go to the bottom of the page…
  • I wasn’t lying about catchers and looks… 
  • Link to that fun Hardball Times article about all the wonderful catcher nicknames!
  • Marty Noble’s article about catchers making great MLB managers from 2012
  • So, these are the hands of Doug Allison, a bare-handed catcher from the 19th century…  Yikes, right?!
  • And last but certainly not least… my mother and SPECIAL GUEST Dr. Sharon Krag

  • Yogi Berra quote total: I counted 12. But tell me if I’m wrong.

Learn To Love Baseball Episode #4

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Episode 4 of Learn To Love Baseball, “Introducing… The Pitcher! (PART TWO)” with your host Daniel Student.

Learn To Love Baseball Episode 3

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Episode 3 of Learn To Love Baseball – “Introducing… The Pitcher! (PART ONE)” with Daniel Student

  • All these great quotes in this episode come from just a great website all the way around for our purposes, Stephen Ellis’s The Complete Pitcher
  • I can’t imagine doing any of this without the insanely nerdy FanGraphs to dip into time and again, including this great article “Every Pitch Is Bad For You”
  • Here’s Mental Floss’s “6 Theories on the Origin of the Bullpen”
  • And don’t say I didn’t warn you, but here’s a full history of the strike zone from (WARNING: Only go here if you feel your inner baseball dork growing at a rapid pace!)
  • I felt I needed some pictures on this episode’s extras, so here are all the pitchers I quoted in Introducing The Pitcher (PART ONE)
    Sandy Koufax, considered by many the best left-handed pitcher of all time, and America’s greatest Jewish athlete
    Dizzy Dean and his notorious high leg kick
    Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale, 1959
    Whitey Ford of the Yankees pitching, 1950
    UNDATED: Grover Cleveland Alexander of the Philadelphia Phillies delivers a pitch during a game. Ole’ Pete played for the Phillies from 1911-1917 and in 1930.

    I literally didn’t realize that Tim McGraw was Tug’s sign until I found this photo.

Learn To Love Baseball Episode 2

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Learn To Love Baseball Episode 2 – “What Is a Baseball?”

  • MLB official rules, just a good link to have when you have questions you want a specific answer to!
  • Scientific American’s “Inside Baseball: What Gives a Baseball Its Bounce” and Smithsonian’s “A Brief History of The Baseball” gave me much of what went into this episode
  • A couple of random images of people throwing balls at each other in Kickball and Wallball, in case you’d never seen this in action: 
  • Here is some explanation of “coefficient of restitution”, in case you wanted to dive deeper into that science. Ironically, they used a basketball as an example!
  • Here’s A.G. Spalding in all of his 19th century glory. The Spalding website has a nifty little history, which is where I grabbed the picture from.

  • Here’s that article from LiveStrong about how Rawlings now makes baseballs with hand-stitching
  • Here’s the full text of Marc Santora’s beautiful New York Times “Wiffleball” article

Learn To Love Baseball Episode #1

INTERNET EXTRAS (!) of Learn To Love Baseball, “Why Should You Bother”, with your host Daniel Student

  • You should buy Take Me Out, its the perfect inspiration read for a fan new to baseball! And NO, I don’t get a cut, I’m just a fan!
  • I am grateful for Tim Urian, who helped me get this off the ground about a year ago.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the incomparable George Carlin and his routine on “Baseball vs. Football”